Fountain Tire
Becoming the loudest sponsor in the arena when you’re outspent 60:1
Year: 2018
Capabilities: Digital Products. Social.


Fountain Tire was competing for the attention of NHL hockey fans against larger sponsors outspending them 60:1, making it difficult to stand out.


The way die-hard hockey fans cheer for their team has changed; social media has become a hot-bed of conversation where fans interact during games to support their local squad.


Rather than trying to “join the online conversation” as many brands do, Fountain Tire wanted to change how fans cheer on their hometown team on social.


Introducing Fountain Tire Fanbods: the first ever human typeface. Just like diehard fans in full body paint, real Fountain Tire employees (ranging from the CFO to tire techs) were painted as crazed fans and turned into every letter of the alphabet plus numbers and emojis. Using a simple mobile interface, fans could type in their cheer with the Fanbods font and then send to their team on social.

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